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Mirsh Ship Management Service Limited

Mirsh Ship Management Service Limited with its Registered office in Kochi, India, specialized in Technical management, crew management ,Flag state documentation and other shipping related activities. We execute the work related to ship management with style, finesse and expertise which stands over and above the rest in the international ship management arena.

Services we offer

Technical Management

Technical Management involves the provision of technical related services that allow vessels fulfill their trading tasks demanded by their customers.

We at Mirsh ship management has a technical team who provide the expertise and knowledge to maintain the efficient running of managed vessels. we do this by monitoring closely and communicating with onboard personnel and our highly experienced shore based technical team provides safe, reliable and efficient technical service to smoothen the vessels operation.

It is this commitment from MSM that assures every vessel’s operating requirements are met and vessel operating condition is always at its peak. Our perspective is informed by the technical, operational, commercial, regulatory and environmental factors governing our industry.

Our strength is based on our experience and our history. But our success is based on our commitments, our relationships and our ability to help our clients operate more successfully in today’s increasingly challenging industry. At MSM we provide experienced technical supervisors for evaluating and conducting all types of technical surveys and other requirements of the vessel.

Ship Manning

At Mirsh Ship Management Private Limited, we take personal care in recruiting seafarers who are well-trained and certified in accordance with STCW 2010 and the ISM Code.

Our primary concern is to deliver safe, efficient, high quality and cost effective ship management solutions that satisfy our customers.

Our crew recruitment and training ventures in India proactively develop our very own Quality Seafarers to meet our needs as per owner's requirement.

Our industry standard stringent selection and training process policy ensures that we have access to an unceasing supply of knowledgeable and well-trained seafarers for deployment onboard our managed vessels. Currently, we have ready access to a pool of Indian, Bangladeshi and Filipino officers & ratings in the system.

Import and Export

The export and Import division of Mirsh Ship Management cover the whole spectrum of procurement. Mirsh Ship Management carry out preparation of budget, identification of suppliers, conduct of market analysis, inspection of goods, preparation and issue of supply orders, shipping of goods, final delivery to the destination. The Company also liaised with cargo operators and maintained the vessel’s operational readiness

Steamer Agency

Mirsh Ship Management as Steamer Agents is dedicated to facilitate commercial operations for our clients, to fulfill the requirements of our principals, their ship owners and managers on high priority to provide detailed and continuous monitoring of vessels operations and activities.

Through the dedicated and professional staff at Mirsh Ship Management Services, we ensure your vessels enter and exit our ports of service quickly and efficiently. From pre-arrival to post-departure, Mirsh Ship Management personnel pay particular attention to accurate and speedy communication when handling overall disbursement control.

We are proud of our expertise in handling all types of vessels from sophisticated oil, gas and chemical carriers to strongly service oriented cruise liners and dry bulk carriers as well as more specialized products such as break-bulk and heavy lift. In addition to the full range of basic services, Mirsh Ship Management is often called on to assist their principals to conduct market feasibility studies and provide standard port cost templates.

Mirsh Ship Managementcan not only pre-empt any potential issues, but has an established and streamlined process in place that you can have confidence in. Certainly, it is this depth of experience and competence which separates us from other agency service providers in the shipping business. Our extensive local knowledge of operating conditions, and strong relationships with all local and government bodies ensures your best interests are maintained at all times.

Ship Chandelling

A ship chandler is the exclusive supplier of all the basic requirements of a shipping vessel, trading with the arriving ship for those goods and supplies without necessitating the arrival of ship into port.

Our company is dealing with spare parts for diesel main and auxiliary engines, turbochargers, pumps, air compressors and oil purifiers. Knowing the state of marine industry today, we also cooperate with manufactures of ship parts from world wide. Thus we can offer spares for any engines made any where in the globe.

The rage of products we deal with are as follows:-


Our range includes fresh, frozen and dry stores, meat from best quality producers, fish straight from our local fishermen, fruit and vegetables from our farmers and dry stores, general groceries, beverages and juices, dairy goods, confectionary and gourmet foods from local and imported sources.

Cabin Stores

We can arrange from a wide range of world class and top quality cabin stores to name a few including electrical appliances, linens, galley supplies, cleaning products and consumables, dishware and cutlery, garbage bags and toiletries at competitive prices.

Safety & Life Saving Equipments

We can offer a full range of SOLAS and local authority approved lifesaving equipment to suit your needs. Lifejackets, Immersion suits, Rescue boats & Manoverboards, Liferafts, Lifebuoy lights and Signal lamps, Boiler suits, Safety shoes, Gloves and Ear muffs of well known and approved are available with our suppliers.

Deck & Engine Stores

We have access to a full range of deck and engine stores and all ship chandlery lines are available at competitive prices with short lead times. Our range includes products from the IMPA / ISSA stores catalogue.

Fire Fighting Equipments

We supply a full range of certified fire fighting equipments, including extinguishers, axes, fire suits, nozzles, hose, helmets and boots, fire blankets and IMO signage. We can also arrange servicing of all extinguishers, Co2 and Halon fixed systems through approved service agents.

Medical Stores

We can source and deliver to your vessel an excellent range of medical stores including first aid kits, hospital supplies, reference books & texts, medical drugs, stretchers, anti sea sickness tablets, medical oxygen and vitamins which are approved by a medical practitioner.

Construction Materials

We can also deliver any sort of construction materials as per your requirement within the best time.

Chemicals & Oils

We offer chemicals, additives, lubricants, grease, hydraulic fluids and diesel and engine oils in 1, 5, 20 or 210 litre drums. Our range includes all available Indian and a few international brands

Electrical Stores

We have a good range of electrical stores including appliances, batteries, cables, switches, fuses, lamps, torches, tools, relays, casings and other accessories of Indian and foreign manufacturers.

Electronics & Navigational Supplies

We can deliver on time and at competitive prices a huge range of electronics and navigation supplies including Radars, Depth Sounders, GPS VHF, UHF Radios, Searchlights, Log books, Charts, Photocopiers and Fax machine consumables, etc.


Mirsh Ship MAnagement Service specializes in providing crew and ship documentation services across the board and handling Seafarer’s flag documents. We ensure to deliver a 1st grade professional experience through the process of Flag state documentation. With our highly experienced staff, we act on behalf of Ship owner, Manning Consultant and Ship operators to serve with dedication and make sure that all documentation is held on board to prevent delays through inspections and port controls which are not necessary.

We act as representative office of several Recognized Organization authorized by the administrations of various Flag State such as Sinagapore, Panama,Hoduras,Liberia, Palau, Bahamas,St. Kitts & Navis and Marshall Islands etc..

We process & issue all seafarer's certificate /endorsement for all flag state:

  • Certificate of Competency (COC) – Fresh / Renewal.
  • GMDSS & Endorsement.
  • Continuous Discharge Certificate (CDC) / Seaman Book.
  • Ship Security Officers (SSO).
  • Electro-Technical Officer (ETO)
  • Watch keeping Certificate & Able Seafarer
  • Dangerous Cargo (Oil/Chemical/Gas) Endorsement (DCE)